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You have arrived at the web site for our musical duo we call Secrets. We are located in Sunny Southwest Florida on the shores of the Gulf of Mexico.. 

Naples,  Marco Island and Greater Lee and Collier County represent some of the best life has to offer.  One of the truly great regions of the United States. Especially if you're partial to beautiful beaches and year round warmth and sunshine. We perform at all types of venues throughout the area, performing a wide variety of styles with the emphasis on dancing!!

 Welcome back to Florida. If you are thinking about having Secrets, don't hesitate. We are taking reservations for 2023 and we may be the perfect answer to your danceband entertainment need!







This winter enjoy a special night of dancing with Secrets. We are arranging appearances for next season at this time, and we would love to include your community or special event.

Have you ever wanted to play the piano? Our teaching staff can make that dream a reality!

Naples Piano Studio 

Upcoming Local Appearances


Nothing gives us more  satisfaction than to see everyone out on the floor having a great time and, of course, ..looking fabulous!  We would like to thank our customers so much for the support...and please feel free to let us know if there is a "beat" or style that we can add to enhance your dance experience.

Naples Piano Studio is now open at our new location on the east side of US 41 in the Pine Ridge Plaza... directly across from the Naples Waterside Shops. Our teaching staff can assist you in your dream of learning the joys of playing the piano or offer you a venue to brush up on your existing piano skills. We offer a comfortable environment with new pianos and benefit of professional instructors. Discover what our 150 current students have already experienced... the sense of accomplishment in learning a great life skill.


Are you looking for dance venues in Florida and Canada? Want the most up-to-date and complete information?   Please visit the finest directory available..... created by an avid dance enthusiast!

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by Cathy Newman

Planets spin. lightning leaps. atoms dance... and so do we. 

From the first kick of a baby's foot to the last "Anniversary Waltz," we dance... to internal rhythms and external sounds. Before the written word, humans spoke the language of dance. It's as ancient as the 3,400-year-old image of a man with a lute,  dancing on a clay plaque discovered in northern Israel.

We dance, not just with our bodies, but from the heart. "Dance is bodies sounding off," says Judith Lynne Hanna, an anthropologist at the University of Maryland. We pour out love and hate, joy and sorrow.... appeal to the spirits, gods and nature....  flirt, seduce, court; celebrate birth, death, and everything in between. We even presume to reorder the world, as if, in the Shaker song, by "turning, turning we come round right."  Dance is so profane, some religions ban it.... so sacred, others claim it.

Dance in America can hardly contain itself. We dance.. from Florida to Alaska, from horizon to horizon and sea to sea, in the ballrooms of big cities and whistle-stop bars, in the Great Plains Grange halls, underground kivas, church basements, barrio nightclubs, and high school auditoriums. We do the beguine, polka, waltz, fox-trot, tarantella, jitterbug, samba, salsa, rumba, mambo, tango, bomba, cha-cha, merengue, mazurka, conga, cakewalk, Charleston, two-step, jerk, swim, Watusi, twist, frug, monkey, electric slide, Harlem shake, shim sham shimmy, cabbage patch, fandango, garba, gourd dance, corn dance, hora, hopak....  As if our lives depended on it. Some believed just that! A medieval superstition averred that dancing in front of Saint Vitus's statue ensured a year of good health.

We dance out of anguish, to attain solace, and, sometimes, in an attempt to heal. "I remember a couple," says Lester Hillier, owner of a dance studio in Davenport, Iowa. The husband was a retired farmer. His wife, a housewife, wore flat shoes and a floral housedress. "One of their sons had been killed," Hillier recalls. "He'd been in a love triangle and was shot in a club. The devastated parents had a dance lesson booked the day after it happened. They insisted on coming anyway."

They practiced the steps they'd learned.... the rumba, the fox-trot, the exuberant movements of swing. As the hour drifted to a close, the couple asked for one last dance. They wanted a waltz. And as it ended, she rested her head on his chest: he wrapped his arms around her shoulders. Then they stood still, clinging to one another.   "If we just sat home, what would we do?" he said quietly

Dance, like the rhythm of a beating heart, is life. It is, also, the space between heartbeats. It is, said choreographer Alwin Nikolais, what happens between here and there, between the time you start and the time you stop. It is, says Judith Jamison, artistic director of the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, "as close to God as you are going to get without words."

To dance is human. To dance is divine.......

See You At The Dance!

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